How To Cook Like A Chef At Home – August FREE GIVE A WAY

How To Cook Like A Chef At Home – August FREE GIVE A WAY

There are hundreds of thousands of recipes out there. But have you ever thought they may be hindering your inner Chef qualities? When we use a recipe we are following someone else’s ideas.

When we decorate a room, do we follow an exact recipe? NO, we use a basic template ( paint, furniture, flooring etc ) then we use our imagination to design the rest. Well that’s what we are going to learn today. I am going to give you the basic template to create your own recipes instead of always using someone else’s.

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Requirements for Contest at bottom of article

Ratio Cooking

The first thing you’ll notice if you start trying to cook with ratios is that they are not as marvellously simple as Ruhlman implies. Ratios, Ruhlman writes “allow you to close the book and cook as you wish.” But while his seductively spare table of 33 culinary ratios fits neatly on two introductory pages, it is followed by some 200 pages of caveats, fine print, and explications of technique. You need a book to learn to cook without a book? No thanks. If the goal was to “close the book,” I was closing the book. I copied out the ratios and put Ratio away.

“Parts” refer to measurement. It could mean cups, tablespoons, ounces or any other type of measurement.

For example:

Salad Dressing calls for  2 parts oil, 1 part vinegar / Ratio is 2 to 1

so whatever amount you want, let’s say Family Size: 1 1/2 cups = 1 cup oil to 1/2 cup vinegar

Small amount of dressing: 3 tbsp = 2 to 1 ratio / that would be 2 tbsp oil to 1 tbsp vinegar

 In math, this relationship between 2 quantities is called a ratio. If a recipe calls for 1 egg and 2 cups of flour, the relationship of eggs to cups of flour is 1 to 2.

As long as you use the the basic unit of measurement for each ingredient, whether it is tablespoons, teaspoons, cups, ounces, or pounds, and then multiply this measurement by the number of parts, you will be fine.

Your Basic Template to Follow 

Bread / 5:3  flour to water (yeast, baking powder, pinch of salt)

Yeast of baking powder for leavening ( 1 tbsp baking powder for every 5 oz of  flour) or 1 tbsp yeast for every 16 oz flour. You’re free to choose flavors and type of bread.

Pie Dough / 3:2:1 flour to fat to water (just remember to keep fat cold)

Pasta /  3:2 flour to egg

Cookies /  3:2:1 flour to fat to sugar

Will vary depending on other ingredients you add to your cookies.

Basic Sugar Cookies  follow 3:2:1 ratio closely.

If you add chocolate chips or something sweet, scale back on your sugar a bit. If you plan on adding something thick like Peanut Butter, scale back a bit of fat.

Crepes / 1:1:1/2  liquid to egg to flour

Western Style Crepe – is just milk, eggs, flour. You can add herbs ground spices, pretty much anything you want to .

Pancakes /  2:2:1:1/2 flour to liquid to fat (butter)

Optional :

few tsp sugar

tsp vanilla extract or another extract

few tsp baking powder (fluffy pancakes)

TIP:  If your making something specific you may want to follow a line by line recipe.

Sauces, Dressings, Stocks

Vinaigrette’s /  3:1 oil to vinegar

Mayonnaise / 20:1 oil to liquid (plus yolk)

“liquid” is usually water and / or lemon juice

Depending on the kind of mayo you want to make, you may want to use more water than lemon, all lemon, no water, and so on.

Use about one yolk for a solid cup of mayo. Mix it all up with an electric mixer to get a good emulsion. Don’t be afraid add other flavors.

Brines / 20:1 water to salt

Stocks / 3:2 water to bones

doughs and batters

ratio cooking



  1. Must be subscribed/ subscribe to Cupcakes & Caviar website 
  2. This is just for fun, so home cooks, bakers, anyone wanting to learn, just no professionals please.
  3. Must provide recipe, step by step instructions, photos, video (optional). Describe how you came up with the idea, it you think it was a success or flop, how it tastes 😊
  4. You can make ANYTHING you want, as long as it is edible and using the ratio method

How to enter:

Subscribe to website (you will NOT receive mass emails from this site, you will receive ONLY updates, new recipes and contests such as this). I will NOT sell  your email address to other websites. I don’t like getting them any more than you do, and wouldn’t put you through it. 😊

Guest Post – I have a guest post option (free of charge) on my home page. Just enter your recipes on there please. Any personal information such as address, phone number will not be posted. I will private message you for your information for shipping instructions. 

This contest is truly FREE, and just for fun! 

No sales gimmicks, (except for the book below), no affiliate marketing. Just a fun way to get you to check out my website and learn how to cook without a recipe! I will also post my recipe I will create too. I have never used this method either. I have always used recipes. The most I have done is change up a few ingredients or add ingredients of my own to a recipe.

Deadline for recipes to be entered August 31, 2017



Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking



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