5 Ways To Say I LOVE YOU – It’s the Little Things that Matter

5 Ways To Say I LOVE YOU – It’s the Little Things that Matter

5 Ways To Say I LOVE YOU- Without Saying It.

Relationships are hard. Really hard. Anyone that tells you it isn’t it either lying or has never been in true love. They take lots of work and commitment, honesty and trust.

You don’t have to be a romantic or emotional, you don’t have to get all mushy (most of us would question that drastic mood change and / or laugh at it anyways ) but we do still need confirmation every once in awhile that we are loved and appreciated. Here are a few subtle ways for us to know you love us without you having to mush up your “No real just-love-meman does that stuff” ways…….

Make her a Coffee / Tea

When your making yourself a coffee in the morning, make her/him one too. It is a very simple thing that I doubt you even think about but trust me WE THINK ABOUT IT. How often does your significant other go to get something for themselves and say “I’m going to (do something) can I get you anything” ? Right??

Quick Little Text or Call

When your SO is going out somewhere and is gone a little too long. I’m not saying for you to HUNT them down and constantly be clingy. PLEASE don’t do that. Just a quick phone call or a text to see if everything is ok means the world to us and lets us know WOW you do still care.

Not Sure if you can HANDLE this one (Might be too hard lol)

When your sitting watching TV and your sports game is over ( by all means in no way am I telling you to give up your sports game ( that would probably cause divorce) ). Instead of flipping to something just for the sake of changing the channel, flip them remote and say “if there is something that you want to watch, it’s all yours) even if  you are planning to watch something else in an hour, let them know that. I personally still think it is sweet when the offer is made even if it is for a 30 minute sitcom until your next hockey game.

Ask How Their Day Was

Doesn’t matter if they stayed at home today, worked, ran the kids everywhere or even did NOTHING! (btw doing NOTHING is never an option for wives and moms, you may think it but IT DOESN’T EVER HAPPEN) ask you SO how everything went today and what they did, and by all means sound like you mean it, or here is a new concept ACTUALLY BE INTERESTED .

This one is for BOTH of you

This is probably one of the most important rules of a relationship, we all know it and we all agree, but how often do we actually do it.


No matter how big or small the argument, unless it was big enough that you are willing to break up over it. TALK IT OUT! Don’t hold it inside and sleep on it, it could make things better or it can make them worse. Trust me – as a woman, we will want to continue with the issue the next day, we don’t just GET OVER IT like you men do. So if you love your wife or SO by all means before going to sleep end the fight before it ends you!


These are simple little things that most men don’t ever think of as a big deal or even think of at all for that matter, but they mean the world to us. They let us know you still care and even though you don’t say it we know you love us. Flowers and diamonds are nice (uh duh) but if you just out of the blue come home with flowers or jewellery for no reason at all , be prepared for happiness, kisses and probably even sex but then when the excitement dies down, you are going to get a lot of subtle comments and questions that will leave you baffled because us women we OVERTHINK everything and will wonder ‘hmmm what did he do wrong”

Men are always saying they don’t understand us. That is because you think we are impossible creatures to understand. We are not hard to understand at all.



  1. However you think / we think the opposite example: if you think it isn’t a big deal / we think it is a VERY big deal lol
  2. If you think “she will kill me if I do it” /  don’t even second guess yourself! you are right and we will.

Further More

  • We are pretty simple to understand actually.
  • We love you and will do anything to make you happy!
  • We also know that you don’t think like us. So we don’t ever expect you to treat us 100% as good as we treat you.


To us, it is the little things that mean the world to us and show us you care. We don’t need motorcycles, or lazy boy recliners. We don’t need top of the line sports equipment to be happy, all we need is YOU!


Am I right Ladies / SO’s ? Please leave comments below

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