eBay Official Site – Online Shopping Made Easy

eBay Official Site – Online Shopping Made Easy

Product Name: eBay 

Price: Free To Join

Website: eBay.com

Rating – Buyer: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Rating – Seller: ⭐⭐

What Is eBay?

eBay is an online auction site.Bidding opens at the price the seller lists and the product remains on the site for a certain numbers of days.

Buyers bid on items and at the end of the auction the buyer with the highest amount wins.

Buy It Now Option

The first buyer willing to pay the seller’s price gets the item.

Reserve Pricing

A reserve price is a hidden minimum price ( the lowest the seller is willing to accept ) if bidding ends and the reserve price isn’t met the seller doesn’t have to sell the item.

New Brand Platform

eBay has come out with a New Platform “Did You Check eBay?”

Price Match Guarantee

What qualifies:

  • Brand new items
  • New unopened items on the ebay deals page are eligible

Found At Competitors

To be eligible the item should be available from these stores:ebay

  • Amazon.com
  • BestBuy.com
  • Walmart.com
  • HomeDepot.com
  • Target.com
  • Sears.com
  • Wayfair.com
  • Jet.com

Identical & Available

Both items (eBay and the competitors) should be exactly the same and in stock.

Found It For Less?

  • Before you buy it, contact eBay customer service to request price match
  • Let customer service know where you found the lower price. They will verify the price match on the spot for you.
  • Once it is verified you will get an immediate eBay coupon for the difference

Special Deals

Until July 17th up to 80% off on these categories:

Pro’s & Con’s

These Pro’s and Con’s are based on actual reviews


  • Great prices
  • Choose the condition you want to purchase the item in
  • Money refunded easily
  • Good contact with sellers
  • Great for buyers
  • Unbelievable selections
  • Buyers – Ship fast and good return policy


  • Telephone support is awful
  • Bad customer service
  • Highly addictive (lol)
  • They don’t support the sellers
  • Not a good program for sellers
  • The Global Shipping Program is terrible, use a different shipping method (they have others)
  • Sellers – Very bad customer service and extremely picky, they will suspend your account easily and have very strict policies


My Personal Opinion

I personally think the reviews are very close to perfect. In my experience when purchasing something through eBay has been extremely easy and have never had an issue. I would recommend never using your Credit Card or Bank Debit Card directly. I would always use PayPal.

I have tried to sell on eBay and have had a terrible experience. Customer service was terrible an putting anything on the site was very hard. They are extremely picky and have very strict polices (which is a good thing when buying an item)



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