Edible Images Cakes | The Best Addition to your Masterpiece

Edible Images Cakes | The Best Addition to your Masterpiece

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An Edible Image is a sheet of icing, that is designed by creating an image or a design and printing it from a special printer that has edible ink (instead of ink) icing sheets (instead of paper). The sky’s the limit with edible images. You don’t have to go through a book and pick something similar to what you want like in a grocery store. You can design it yourself for a 100% personally designed by you touch.

A well decorated and delicious cake certainly makes a lot of difference.  With an edible cake image, you can be rest assured to have a cake, which would be beautiful and unique. With so many options out there, it could be quite exhausting to find the one that can truly stand out for its amazing appearance.  stick-drawing

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the commercial flash frozen cakes from the grocery stores. They never taste the same as homemade. I know I can bake an incredible cake but I’ll be honest, my drawing skills goes as far as stick people and cats that look like a snowman with ears and whiskers. A design like that does not do the moist fluffy and fresh cake any justice at all.

The Best Addition to Your Cake

If you want a truly fabulous cake AND it beautifully decorated, you may want to try an Edible Image. You can custom design them for any theme  you want and believe it or not they are pretty cheap to buy and very easy to put on.

Just a little tip:

Always make sure you take the backing off before you put it on the cake LMAO! True story, I had been baking all night long for a birthday cake I was SUPER tired and completely forgot to take the backing off the image. The customer told me the cake was delicious but the image was really hard to bite into and tasted like paper. “OMG I didn’t?” YUP I sure did, Let’s just say the next cake was free and I never have done that again.

Custom Designs

Eezy Cakes & Treats can print drawings, logos, photos, pictures, images… the list is endless. They can also add a personalized message to any image, to make your cake extra special.spiderman
Looking for a particular design or theme you don’t see on their site? email them and they will be more than glad to create it for you.
They can be used for all sorts of sweet treats such as cookies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, whipped cream topped desserts or anything with frosting!
Just peel & place! ( really don’t forget to peel lol )


If you are under the notion that edible cake images are expensive, you need to rethink on this one. Surely they cost a little bit more than what the usual cake would cost; nonetheless, the price factor of it varies according to the design. Basically, if you want to keep it within the range of your pocketbook, you can easily do it so.

Just $10 per sheet!

miss youAll icing sheets are printed in black and white or full color for just $10/sheet.


(except shipping)

So What are you Waiting For?

Are you excited to try an edible cake image? Take a note of the above-mentioned pointers to get the picture-perfect one. You surely will be delighted to have the best cake to cut on that special day.




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