Healthrider H70T Treadmill Review

Healthrider H70T Treadmill Review


Product: Healthrider Treadmill H70T

Price: $3,499.98

Treadmill Belt Size: 20W x 55L

My Rating: 10


  • The Healthrider H70T Treadmill features an 8 Week Progressive Weight Loss Progtreadmillram with Jillian Michaels included
  • iPod® Compatible Audio* and Integrated Tablet Holder lets you plug your iPod® or MP3 player into our built-in sound system with its two 2-inch speakers, you can turn up the tunes and turn up the tempo; With the tablet holder, you can make fitness time mul
  • Multi-Window LED displays your workout stats are right in front of you as you work out which means you can watch your mileage, speed, calorie burn, heart rate, and time add up
  • 0-10 MPH QuickSpeed® Control-Not everybody likes to run at 10 miles per hour but it’s nice to know this treadmill can totally handle it thanks to a bigger motor size and faster flywheel gear ratio
  • In-home efficiency booster means you can run every day without using excessive amounts of electricity and the convenient QuickSpeed® buttons let you adjust your intensity instantly, so you can stay focused through every step of your workout


  • I followed the Jillian Michaels workout and started eating sensibly and I lost 17 lbs in the 1st week!
  • Having the built in speaker and fan truly helped me keep pushing to finish the last few minutes.


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