Pork Chops on the menu …..

Pork Chops on the menu …..

Ever have one of those days where your day is a total write off and  you don’t feel like cooking? Well that’s what happened to me today!

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Tonight’s dinner was not much of a recipe as it was a throw together meal. I wanted shake n bake pork chops and didn’t have any shake and bake. Instead of getting back into my clothes (anyone else come home and immediately get into your comfy jammies?) and going over to the store, so I decided to start looking in the cupboards to see if  I had something I could make my own shake n bake with. Well I managed to find a package of taco seasoning and some breadcrumbs….. hmmmm doesn’t sound too bad right? 

1 cup 0f panko bread crumbs

1 pkg of taco seasoning 

1 tsp of italian spice

I put it all into a large freezer zip lock bag, mixed it all together and added my butterfly chops and shaked it and baked it lol.

But before I baked it, I diced :

1 yellow sweet pepper

1 onion 

3 cloves of garlic

1 tbsp of oil

I mixed it all together into another ziploc bag (no dishes haha) and spooned it onto the pork chops, and baked at 350 F for 55 mins.

Then I made some rice  ( I added 1/2 pack of onion soup mix to the boiling water before adding rice) to spice it up and then some mixed veggies. 

VOILA! Dinner is READY

Shake n Bake Dinner

It was really tasty! I will definitely make this meal again!


that’s my Lazy Man’s Dinner for tonight after a bad day!


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