Round up of Products I use.

Round up of Products I use.

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Before I started reviewing other recipes and cookbooks I thought I would  give you a list of the items I swear by. These are my personal choices and you can choose your favourite brands if you have them. I do not get paid for using these items or mentioning their brand names. These are 100% by choice and what I find that is the absolute best for my cooking.


Did you know that there are 2 Cake Boss brands and are not affiliated in any way?

  • If you bake for a living or just to make money on the side, How do you know if you are actually profiting on what you sell? I found a program online that is simply amazing It is inexpensive plus it is all online so there is no downloading the software by disc. You can change inventory to match your local prices, it will charge the tax for you, you can save pictures to the invoices and everything. Once you purchase the program it is only 20.00 a year to keep it updated. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!


Amazon is my favourite online shopping store. You receive your products on time and have a refund policy they stand by.

Canadian Tire to me is like a shoe store to a shoe aholic. I have to have someone go with my because usually after an hour they have to drag me out of there ( always with a handful of kitchen stuff). This is where I buy my Cake boss items.

Michaels can be a bit pricey, but they send you AMAZING coupons for 40% and 50% off.

  • For my baking sheets, I use Betty Crocker silicone sheets. You can purchase them online at

but to be totally honest with you, I buy my Betty Crocker items at my local dollarama. (shhh, no one needs to know that lol).

Last night I gave you my review of the crock pot I like to use…s-steel-crockpot/

  • Now for a list of Food Products I use….
  • KRAFT KRAFT KRAFT. Kraft products are my main groceries I use.
    • Kraft Peanut Butter
    • Kraft Miracle Whip
    • Kraft JELLO Pudding
    • Heinz (KRAFT) Ketchup
    • You will never find any other brand of these products in my house.


So there you have it!

Once again these are just my recommendations and the products I use. If you’re an experienced baker or cook you may already have your own personal favourites. If you are new to cooking or baking I would recommend you at least try these products. My family and friends love my cooking and always want to know why mine always tastes better,or cooks better than theirs…. My 3 secrets are

  1. The products that I use
  2. My love for cooking and baking
  3. My love for my family and friends and making them happy!



Please leave me some comments and let me know the Brands that you like to use.




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