Waste not, want not Chicken Pot Pie

Waste not, want not Chicken Pot Pie

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I cant emphasize enough how much I hate to waste food. So this recipe is so simple for the next day after you have made a chicken stew.


Chicken Pot Pie

Make this with the leftover chicken stew from last nights dinner.

Course Main Course
Total Time 30 minutes
Author Laurie


Leftover Chicken Stew

Tenderflake tart shells, or pie shells (whichever you prefer)

Warm French load


  1. Take what is left of the chicken stew from last nights dinner and reheat it. 

  2. See pictures

  3. Next pour it into your prepared crusts. You can use 2 large pie shells (top and bottom) or individual tart shells (again 2 per pie) you can also make your own crust if you desire and put them into actual tartlet dishes.

  4. Add shredded cheese if you like. Then top with the additional pie crust.

  5. See pic for instruction

  6. See pic for instruction

  7. Bake per instructions on tenderflake box.

  8. I only buy tenderflake (my moms rules lol)

Recipe Notes

If you don't feel like having the meat pies the next night. you can make them and freeze them and save them for later.


I would make a fresh loaf of bread with these as well. 


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